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I will have to go take pictures later

I broke front swaybar at drivers side (broke off axle) - I removed it so the other side wouldn't break and take out the brakes

I broke the link in the passenger side rear swaybar. I left the swaybar installed

I have a few small paint scratches with no dents. Mostly in the molding

A rock jammed against my door molding and popped it off. No metal dent and all I have to do is replace the clips and it will go back on.

Lots of scraps on the underside. Slee Scid plate did its job

Right side Slee slider has big ding from hitting a rock but did not bend. Very stout product and shows the quality of Christo's work.

I am not counting the AC problem as that happened in Wyoming.

I plan on washing it in the next few days and giving it a good inspection, I may have more small stuff but a cursoray look showed everything else looked good.

I went expecting more damage (otherwise why go) and am pleased how the truck handled and how well I came out of it.
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