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So here is my disc brake knuckle goodness getting ready to be cleaned up. The shims are on the posts right where they were. For me it will be easier to keep the orientation and placement correct - just have to make sure they don't accidentally slip off through the cleaning process.

Thanks for all the tips on getting the cone washers off. The bottom ones loosened up with a couple of taps on the knuckle body. I basically used the wesintl method to tap out the bottom and then pop out the top.

I tried using my puller but could not get the puller arms and bolt to line up straight enough to stay centered as the puller engaged. I'm thinking I may really need a pickle fork to get them separated. This is how the passenger side one currently looks. The driver side is just the same, just on the other side of the long pole.

On the good news side, the pile of parts that have gone through the washer is growing. The dust covers may need a bit more work to get the hazy dust off before hitting up with some spray paint.

Martin, you expressed a need for the 3rd member, it's yours for the taking. PM me to arrange getting it, only thing is I (my wife) would appreciate it if you also take the axle housing as well. It should be a bit lighter than when I picked it up, but it is still heavy enough to hold down those jack stands.

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