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Don't have a whole lot of carnage pics.

We blew out a trailer tire in Evanston, WY on the way out. Bought two new tires in Elko, NV.
My carburetor wasn't working well to start with. Had it rebuilt by Mark Algazy in camp.
I started with a squealing alternator belt. Replaced it after two days of wheeling.
Swing out spare tire carrier cracked my rear bumper in two places. Had it welded up by a passer by before I even left the staging area.
Bent my DS slider on the first day.
Sheared off DS knuckle studs on Friday, in camp. Everyone pitched in to fix it. Parts appeared almost magically.
Ran the battery down using my Engel fridge for two days without starting my cruiser.
Sheared off all my PS knuckle studs Sunday on Cadillac Hill. Right in front of Mudrak, who had another set of studs for me. We re-used one of the knuckle bearings we'd replaced from the DS repair on Friday.
Something happened in the rear diff going up Cadillac Hill. I no longer have rear wheel drive without the ARB locker engaged.
The carburetor is plugged up and running rich again.
I have a loud "thumping" or "clicking" sound. Not sure if it's the rear axle or the front. We may have left a couple of roller bearings in the Birf during the fix on Cadillac Hill, or it's one of the rear axles/locker.
Tow vehicle engine idler pulley siezed approximately 10 miles west of Rawlins, WY. Towed to Laramie and repaired Tuesday.
Noticed when I got home my FJ40 rear bumper is failing again.
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