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Default Colorado Fall Colors Run

Hello everyone...

I am setting up a little get together of Toyota's around Glenwood Springs, CO for a fall colors run this year. This is kinda set for Toyota drivers only. But if you can play nice. Then you are invited with whatever make you drive too. PM me if you guys have any questions.

Here are JUST some plans:

What will the best dates be for everyone here???
I am thinking Oct. 7-9 or Oct. 14-16

Lead King Basin (near Marble CO)

Transfer Trail (Glenwood Springs, CO)

Pearl pass (Aspen/Snowmass CO)

As for lodging, I can get a good rate for everyone @ my familys motel in Glenwood Springs, CO. Prob. $40bucks a night. Max of 2 beds/4 people per room. I live in PHX, AZ so I have to travel there.

Is there anything else to do in Glenwood?? OOOOO yea.

Hot Springs Pool

Adventure Park

All of these trails will be all EZ-Moderate trails. I have done all of these trails in the past years with my 4runner stock, w/out any damage. But need to have 4WD.

Depending on how many people would like to come. We may need to split into 2 groups.

Again. This is going to be just a fall colors drive on EZ-Moderate 4wd trails. So if you are a "super expert off-road driver, and are planning on showing off and talking smack that your whatever is better then the guy driving the Toyota or whatever" please don't attend this one. I hate to start-off being/saying this stuff. But there is always one of these guys @ a get together like this!!

I am a member of (so yea I have a toyota) but like I said, everyone is invited to have a good time.

Well lets hear what everyone has to say??
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