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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Dave, how did the Chili-infused sliders do? Inquiring minds want to know...
The sliders did their thing. Sure people probably snickered at the width of my outriggers, but man I used them to full advantage. Rather than trying to avoid them, they worked awesome for pivots. Drive past an obstacle, turn until a touch of the slider and the rear tire would either bite and go over or kick around. Having the wheelbase of a battleship really required it. I do think when the truck gets cleaned up I'll find they have a noticeable tilt up from back to front. I did a full weight, two-slider drop of about 3 feet onto them and got hung up pretty badly. Had they been tucked up higher, I would have crushed my underside badly, but as it is I only put big dents (yes dents, the pinch seams were self clearanced to the max slider deflection impulse) in the pinch seams under each of the legs. No other damage from that screw up. Yes, Bill, the sliders held up to the Rubicon and definitely I owe you beer for that. ;-)

Another truck saving piece of armor was the Holben Arts Middle Skid under my carrier bearing. That sucker has a whole bunch of scrapes and dents in it. Without it I would have almost 100% have crushed my carrier bearing or torn apart my driveshaft. As it is, not even my gas tank skid has any new dents and even still have all the Zerk fittings on the u-joints and slip yoke. Best dang frame width, 6" wide, 1/4" thick ghetto engineered skid ever.

Really, the only piece of armor that let me down was something else. Bud's IFS skid and cross member both worked great (both 3/16" plate), but the belly plate dented into my front driveshaft twice on day one. We had to use the Hi Lift handle to bend it out enough to get to Buck Island, where I removed it and violently jumped on it and beat the living snot out of it to get back into shape. Should have known better than to think 0.120" plate would be thick enough. Gotta call Bud tomorrow and talk things over... As it sits right now it looks like it was put into a 100 ton stamping press and made to be a contoured plate, since the dents and bends closely follow the shape of the cross member, transmission, IFS truss, etc. with only a fist's clearance here and there. It's ugly.

While on the subject of armor, I might add the Marlin rear bumper... AWESOME! Makes sense, designed with Rubicon in mind not doubt. Even drove through with my spare still under the bed, no problem. No quarter panel issues, no hanging up on the rear bumper. Just simply worked.
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