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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
looks like Dave did something that involved his rear wheel and Wildernest
Look closely at the picture of the rear wheels. I mean, stare at the picture and see if something strikes you as odd.

The WilderNest took the worst of the body damage. Not exactly unexpected, but I was hoping beyond all hope that would not be the case. Top of Big Sluice, odd angle, lack of enough concentration on holding a line and the truck tipped into an exposed tree. On the up side, the side of a WilderNest I can now say with certainty WILL hold up 6,000 lbs of Hilux without totally collapsing. But on the down side it will not hold it up without some damage. The reinforcement inside the top of the lower part of the shell either broke or bent (I originally thought it was a piece of wood, but the more I look at it I think it's a piece of steel inside the fiberglass right there). The top won't latch down anymore (thus the blue tie-down) and there's a finger sized gap between the lid and side, so the camper is not water tight in the rain anymore. I will know more when I can bribe a couple of burly dudes into coming over and helping me get the 'Nest off the truck for repairs. The shell is not destroyed, but it's been damaged to the point that it's not useable. Rats.

BTW, anyone have a 6' mini truck topper laying around they don't need for a while? While the WilderNest is down for repairs I can't have the Engel getting wet or stolen on trips...

Other than the 'Nest, a couple of new dents and scratches, nothing Earth shaking. Just add to the patina of greasy hand prints and chalky paint.

Oh, that reminds me. Turns out the Engel Slide Lock (the plastic deal) is also NOT Rubicon capable in the bed of a Hilux. Too much bouncing or maybe one too many Marlin bumper drags and that little plastic tab breaks off, letting one's $700 Engel slide off the mount and into the tailgate. Not good. But, a 1" wide ratchet strap around the base works as a very effective temporary lock. Good.
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