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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
The sliders did their thing. Sure people probably snickered at the width of my outriggers, but man I used them to full advantage. Rather than trying to avoid them, they worked awesome for pivots. Drive past an obstacle, turn until a touch of the slider and the rear tire would either bite and go over or kick around. Having the wheelbase of a battleship really required it. I do think when the truck gets cleaned up I'll find they have a noticeable tilt up from back to front. I did a full weight, two-slider drop of about 3 feet onto them and got hung up pretty badly. Had they been tucked up higher, I would have crushed my underside badly, but as it is I only put big dents (yes dents, the pinch seams were self clearanced to the max slider deflection impulse) in the pinch seams under each of the legs. No other damage from that screw up. Yes, Bill, the sliders held up to the Rubicon and definitely I owe you beer for that. ;-)
Sounds like a full length 1/8" square tube under the pinch weld will be the only enhancement you will need. Lemme know. 3' drop, eh? Wow.

I guess my welding holds.

FWIW, I also bent my slider - with a 3/4 roll off a ledge, where the weight of the truck landed on the slider. And broke the front wheel. About 5 minutes to straighten it, and it looks like new. Pretty much the same hardware as what you've got.

Mothership Wit. With lemon.

FWIW, I stared at the rear wheel and still can't tell what's wrong in the picture.
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