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I think our total gas cost was right around $900 for the whole trip. Hard to tell, since a couple of my riders popped for a tank or two every now and then so it wasn't all on me But several times I got cut off at the $75 credit card limit, then didn't bother with filling it up since I knew we'd be buying gas again within 150-200 miles.

I got 1.5-2mpg less than Hulk, consistently, difference being my roof rack which held two water jugs and two gas cans. All of them were empty, but they still stuck up in the air.. The jugs were only used to haul river water up to the shower setup. And the irony is I never took a shower, and ended up giving both cans of gas to other guys in the club... ah well.

ps- yes I still bathed, but preferred to just go swimming with soap, which I did just about every day, some days twice.
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