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Default REal Time: Crank no start...

It's my 93

Okay, drove the cruiser around running errands last night. Came home shut if off to run inside real quick and change clothes. Went back out to start and just cranked and sputtered for a few seconds and that was it.

Cranks and cranks, but no fire.

CEL is on like normal when you go to start.

Replaced EFI main fuse with the fuse from my wife's 80. Same thing, no start.

Checked all fuses, all fuses good.

Fuel filter is around 1.5 years old.

I sprayed a SMALL amount of starting fluid, then cranked. She fires and sputters on that. That leads me to believe it's fuel related.

How should I go about figuring if it's the pump or the filter? Or a relay for the pump?


96 285's OME 's ride
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