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Default Middle St Vrain/Coney Flats Sat 28th.


Great trail, great people, lots of fun.

We had a pretty good mix. 2 4runners, 1 tundra, 2 40's and 1 62.

Trail was a blast. Muddy in areas, but for the most part in good condition. Snow on the sides of the trail, but none on the trail itself.

Water was deep. Deepest I've seen it up there. In one spot, I completely submerged my 33" tires, and my headlights got wet from the minimal bow wake I was pushing.

Everyone made it through fine, though Subzali took some water on as it came in over his door sil, and I had exhaust issues. I pulled a good amount into the pipe through various holes and leaks (I definitely need a new exhaust system). This gave me enough back pressure to kill the truck at idle. Luckily, we ate lunch there, and that gave me time to let the water evaporate.

Found a few submerged rocks with my skids, but I don't think anyone sustained anything more than a few diff drags.

I forgot my camera, so I'll be deferring to others for pictures.

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