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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Well after taking some measurements I'm 95+% sure that this is from a 60 series. It's a little over 52" between the heads of the bolts that bolt the brake backing plate to the axle, compared to my 40 which is closer to 48". Question - are the 60 series axles only longer on the long side? Or did both axle lengths change? I haven't been able to pull the long side axle shaft out yet to check it, but it looks to be about 3-4" longer (judging by the housing) than my 40. Makes me wonder if the cut and turned axle is from a 40 or a 60, maybe Timm could take some measurements next time he's at his storage unit?

It being a 60 series would explain the emergency brake and the drum size and configuration, among other things. I will check to see if it has 3.73 or 4.11 gears next time I get a chance.
I seem to recall that only one side is different and that it is the long side.

Many if not most non-USA 60s (and late 40s) remained 4.11, while the USA market got the 3.70 for highway manners starting in January 1979.
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