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Originally Posted by Snorkel 1
I think I am following so far. Is there an obvious way to determine if the superchargers are the same or not? I assume the later model would be better?

I don't think my daily driving habits would damage the engine with stock or increaed boost. I will be pulling my 2500lb boat this summer which may cause cooling problems.

I just want to get the drivability and low end torque I am used to with TLC2. Maybe later I will try to improve on that as I get more comfortable with the mods.
Do you have a portable vacuum/pressure guage? If not I suggest you go to Sears or somewhere and buy one. I just clip the guage under the winshield wiper with it connected to a vacuum souce aft of the charger. Drive around noting both idle vacuum and WOT boost/RPM. That will tell you two things. Vacuum will give you a little insight on engine timing and valve sealing. Boost will show you if both units are playing the same game. A note on vacuum/boost guage's, get the largest face you can find! Pretty hard to note a .5lbs differance if your just watching a needle on a 2" face!
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