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Jeff: You didn't have to mess with pinion depth because you were not changing any gears, just new bearings so you could reuse the shims(s) under the pinion head. I guess, in theory, you might have had to adjust pinion depth because of a thickness difference in the 2 bearings, but those bearing guys make their stuff pretty darn percise!

Nothing more than the distance from the centerline of the carrier bearings to the head of the pinion gear. The numbers (usually) found ground into the head are the deviation from nominal. Some manufactures have it backwards, but MOST say that -.002 means take the nominal and subtract .002 to get the pinion in the right palce. (FEW gear hobs think -.002 means there should be a GAP of .002 between the pinion head and nominal.)

The pattern doesn't lie, that is for sure, but they don't grind those numbers on there just for fun. The pattern SHOULD be perfect if you go by the numbers too.
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