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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Yeah, don't waste your time with the vise/drift. I wore myself out for about 45 minutes thinking I was going to hurt the birfield by using the pipe, so I was beating the cage with the drift and a small sledge. Never even got the stupid thing to budge. 30 seconds with the pipe and bang! done.

You must learn how to properly apply the pipe to safely and quickly separate the birf from the axle. Dean Baranski recently called me to tell of a birf that just didn't want to separate even after a couple of hours of piping, brass hammering and lots of swearing and sweating. He was using the pipe but, it turned out, he was placing the pipe on the ground and then slamming the birf and axle up and down into the stationary pipe. The first set came apart easily with this method but the second just wasn't budging. When I told him to place the unit in the pipe and then slam the entire mess down on solid ground a light went off in his voice and he hung up the phone to give it a try. Called me back about two minutes later to say a couple of good whacks was all it took to get the parts unparted. You just have to be smarter than the pipe!
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