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Default Got it, with a slight variation on the prophecy...

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
There's a pipe in a hardware store, with Cruiser Karma already imparted to it, just waiting for the guy with the goatee to come walking down the aisle, pick it up, look it over for length, continuity, and sheen, and take it home with him. This piece of pipe was predisposed for this service by the Cruiser gods, and is just waiting, waiting, watching all others pass by, knowing that a special purpose was intended for it. When someone else picks it up thinking they have need of it, they must put it down, never realizing the special need, always thinking there is some other reason why they do not need to remove this piece of hardware from the store today. And still the pipe waits, knowingly.

You have to have faith bro, you have to enter the karma It's out there, it's waiting for you. It knows you're coming
Inspired by the prophecy of finding the special pipe destined to be my personal SST and spurred on by this thread I headed out on the quest. In short order I found myself in the hot yard of Atlas/Alititude Steel not the air conditioned hardware store. For it is here that long ago the one with fondness for Red Chili stated in response to the inquiry "where to get steel U-channel?" that this location "has a good selection at a fair price". Which I understood from my interpretation of the ancient scroll to be - goatee guy get off your duff, the place is 3 blocks from the office and your karma infused pipe is probably sitting in their scrap pile right now.

Sure enough a search of the scrap pile resulted in finding a candidate pipe. The pipe was heavily oxidized hiding its shine and luster. I wondered, could this be it? Is this the pipe the cruiser gods had put in place just for me? If only I could get a sign..

Then it happened, after handling the pipe my hands were covered in orange red dust. Orange red dust. Orange red dust on the hands usually accompanies any working session with old FJ40s and truly was the sign I was looking for to tell me I had found the pipe Subzali indicated was out there waiting for me.

A quick cut of the saw to remove the portion of pipe that was dented, and a $5 donation to the cash box temple and I now have my SST.
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