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From the Jeff Z. collection, some of Imelda the IFS Master.

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Check out the IFS flex! In all seriousness, can't complain 'bout that with 25mm Sway-A-Way bars and no winch yet, eh? Right wheel is max down travel and the left wheel has another inch or so to the bump stop. I need the weight of an M8000!

Attachment 9618
Nice wheel stuff and this is the 'good' side (the right side was the pack with the broken leaf). Don't think they'll stuff like that with OME heavy packs, but then again they probably won't explode on the trail either. :-)

Attachment 9622
Sitting on pins and needles watching that water line. Don't get any deeper, don't get any deeper... Intake is behind my left headlight, so I was fine.

Attachment 9620
Gas Can Hill. This is where all the learning from day 1 flew right out the window and my brain kept pulling my left foot off the floor and onto the clutch.

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Getting some help coming down Big Sluice. I'd already bumped the WilderNest, so Neil was keeping a closer eye on me through here.
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