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First of all, can anyone confirm that Matt Ralston made it home okay? I kept my eyes out on the way back, but didn't see any green 40's on the side of the road.

Thanks for the great run guys, It was a great day, and a fun run.

Thank you for asking me to lead as well. I hope it was okay. Hard to balance going fast enough to keep people from getting bored, and slow enough as to not leave people behind.

We didn't lose anyone, so I guess that is something.

Sorry for the wheelstands those who didn't want it. I thought I had 40's figured out, but next time, I will do the LWB guys, and let a more experienced 40 spotter do the shorties.

I tried to get Jeff up that right side to keep his rear out of the deepest part of the hole, but it still lifted sky high.

Ah well, it wasn't really hairy, but I like people to feel comfortable.

Anyway, had a blast! Thanks again.

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