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I made it home....barely. I figured it was better to take my chances in the daylight hours than risk a tranny failure at 9 or 10 pm.

Once I pulled back onto 285, I shifted it into 4th, and stayed that way until I was about 5 miles from home (took the long way - all interstate). As long as I kept it in gear, it mostly kept going. There were some VERY weird noises coming from the tranny box - lots of whining, chirping, and other metallic noises singing from down below. That and the occasional loss of forward power.

I'm thinking a new 4 spd might be in my future.....

Thanks to Crash, Dean and Redfox for accompanying me out!
- Matt
1976 FJ40 - green and mostly stock
1996 FZJ80 - not so stock
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