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Default your tranny

Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
I made it home....barely. I figured it was better to take my chances in the daylight hours than risk a tranny failure at 9 or 10 pm.

Once I pulled back onto 285, I shifted it into 4th, and stayed that way until I was about 5 miles from home (took the long way - all interstate). As long as I kept it in gear, it mostly kept going. There were some VERY weird noises coming from the tranny box - lots of whining, chirping, and other metallic noises singing from down below. That and the occasional loss of forward power.

I'm thinking a new 4 spd might be in my future.....

Thanks to Crash, Dean and Redfox for accompanying me out!


I've got the tranny that came out of my 81 fj40 when the sm420 went in if you need it. The sm420 was swapped in by the PO so I have no idea of it's condition, but I was told that it worked great. PM me if you're interested. I believe it's an H41, not sure if that would work with your setup but I know I don't really have much need for it.

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