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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Yeah, I guess. Did another long day, then running all the way up to Golden to pick them up, paying a boat load of money and sweating my tail off in a cramped garage all evening, it's just really irritating. It's like no one gives a crap about doing something right anymore. Slap it together and get it out. Even guys you wouldn't expect that from.

Another stumbling block I just figured out is the bushings OME sells don't work with the shackles I have. Toyota uses an 18mm frame bolt and 14mm spring bolt (the sleeved ones). The bushings I have from my NWOR springs used those sizes, but these OME springs require 18mm bolts top and bottom on the shackles. So I have to figure out what to do there. For some reason OME does not sell shackles for my truck and they expect you to re-use the old shackles, but they won't work. Weird.

It's like I'm working a on 1970s Ford here, nothing matches what it's supposed to. I really want a new Tacoma right now, I just want to go camping.
I'm thinking medication may be in order.
Or more beer.

Or less beer...
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