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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
But seriously, that would be the shortcoming of the less expensive OMEs I should think. You cannot expect Alcan quality for a fraction of Alcan price. They will require some mods.

And as you said, the NWOR springs were all lined up. But they broke. I doubt the OMEs will break. If I have to choose...
OME springs aren't exactly cheap price-wise. I'd have liked to go with Alcan but my truck is pretty stripped down and so any time spent on the scales is going to be meaningless.

BTW, I think I've figured out the shackle issue. Marlin's shackles use 18mm bolts top and bottom. I guess most people just leave the sleeve out and use an 18mm bolt in the spring side of the shackle. Makes sense. In the fixed side I think most people leave the 14mm factory bolt in place and use the sleeve. All that is consistent with the bushing OME included. This seems like a model year and/or running production variance. OME can't match down to month/year production and so Ben (and other good OME/ARB dealers) have figured out what sleeve here or different bushing there to use. Like I say, with new shackles I think the kit as packaged will work fine.
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