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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
I realize now that I'll probably never see the big benefit to this mod. I never exceed 4000 rpm's, and rarely go above 3500, would only do that going up I-70 towards the tunnel or something. So I probably never get into open loop?
We don't have a enough data on various rigs yet to really have this OPEN/CLOSED thing characterized yet. If we can get more locals to post up their info, we'll get a better idea of patterns.

I'll bet you see noticeable differences. If nothing else, the little extra oomph is a blessing.

I've only seen one post here or on MUD of NO increase in MPG, and, IIRC, that was only on one particular route.

Do you have a SG? If so, monitor when/how often you're in open loop (at a minimum), before and after the MAF.
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