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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
I realize now that I'll probably never see the big benefit to this mod. I never exceed 4000 rpm's, and rarely go above 3500, would only do that going up I-70 towards the tunnel or something. So I probably never get into open loop?

I've always had this theory that the my big ol' 1FZ-Fe will last longer if I didn't push it so hard, and 5 minutes more drive time is nothing plus I'll use less gas and oil.. but maybe I'm just a pansy.
I never saw, and haven't realized, mpg as the benefit. Engine smoothness under better power delivery at higher RPM has been the clear benefit for me, and it sounds like I drive more like you do (I cruise at 65-70).

This mod may allow more driver behavior flexibility, and therefore mpg increase via throttle management, but without changing any variable but the MAF/sensor I haven't seen any increase in fuel economy. I can actually pass up high on I-70 now, where before I was always in the slow lane, and my engine isn't really loud during the process.

I think the mpg benefit is emerging in a $4/gallon world were justifying the cost to works when you can calculate a short term breakeven. I just don't think it's the MAF that's getting you there as much as it's driving style, outside of saying that more power can enable less of the skinny pedal.

Much like my 5.29's. I have picked up 1-2 mpg increase, but only if I keep speed down under 70. If I still want to drive 75, I still get 12 mpg. But I have good power delivery at 65 because I'm up in the power band with higher RPM, so if I'll cruise at 65-68 I get the better economy. Same would have been true I am sure with the stock gears, except RPM was so low it was bogging all the time at our altitude (notice the posts on MUD above improving mpg by going up to 285's at sea level).

So the big benefit on the label isn't mpg, but it may be an achievable output with a modification of driving style. You and I may have simply already had that modified driving style, so a bit mo' powa and NVH reduction are the only real benefits to this mod (I think those are bigger on a pig on 35's anyway).
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