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Update. The boys at Slee already had it under control.

I hadn't realized it was so late in the morning already, but Christo must have seen the post and Ben called me. ARB is shipping two more D6XL leafs out to lay out against the ones I have. I need to order shackles anyway, so shouldn't be a much of a delay. So I will be sending two of them back and keeping the two that are right. Probably jumped on the punch when they were putting the hole in, who knows.

The question still remains, though. Say Christo and Ben and ARB weren't helpful and you came across this situation, think having the leaf offset like that would matter? Is it really just cosmetic or do the leaf ends need to line up to avoid stressing the pack? The springs have a lot of stress at the ends, right? The way that the tail of the D6XL lines up right under the wrap of the shackle end of the spring, issue or no?
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