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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
I realize now that I'll probably never see the big benefit to this mod. I never exceed 4000 rpm's, and rarely go above 3500, would only do that going up I-70 towards the tunnel or something. So I probably never get into open loop?

I've always had this theory that the my big ol' 1FZ-Fe will last longer if I didn't push it so hard, and 5 minutes more drive time is nothing plus I'll use less gas and oil.. but maybe I'm just a pansy.


You would probably be surprised, as I was, at how often your rig goes into OPEN loop. It would have been easier to collect the data had I had a computer with software that would record the data for later analysis. As it was a challenged to try to monitor the SG for the exact moment the LX would go into OPEN loop while driving so instead I just started to watch for consistent parameters. I would say more often than not once the RPMs hit 3500 the LX would go into OPEN loop but it is hard to catch because the values change so quickly. Watching the LOD and TPS values is easier because they don't change as fast.

I'm seriously considering 4.88 gears despite only running 285s just to get the rig to run in a more efficient power band. Often just to get the LX moving on some of the switch backs on Berthoud pass after a tight 20 mph corner the tranny would shift down into first. Instant OPEN loop at that moment and the second the LX would upshift into 2nd it would start to bog down. If I could keep the speed up and the LX in the 3500 RPM range then I could generally keep her in CLOSED loop going up the hill. I wasn't trying to set any speed records, just stay close to the speed limit

Now that I have some baseline data for my rig I should be able to see what, if any, changes the MAF mod will have on my rig. I'm holding off until I get the tune up done so as to not have any of those effects blurring the advantages (if any) of the MAF mod.
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