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I tried the one from the second link you posted (seller = remotesandkeys) back in Jan '07 and it would not work. They sent me a second remote and it would not work either. Tried it on both the 80 and the LX and no dice. They were were helpful and the customer service was great but the remotes didn't work. I still have a business card from them and they also go by,, and - Maybe they have resolved the issue since then but I believe the problem has to do with the gray vs. black fob issue (see below and the link Romer posted)

In the end I went with used OEM ones off ebay. Took awhile but in the end I ended up with an extra Lexus and Toyota OEM fob for pretty cheap. Both work great.

I'm not sure I'd mess around with any of the aftermarket remotes unless you can find someone that posted up an exact brand confirming that it works with a '96 FZJ80.

Heck, even the color of the OEM fob matters as I found out regardless if the FCC ID is the same. I bought a "gray" OEM Toyota fob off ebay and it wouldn't work. It has to be black IIRC for '95-97 model years.

The link Romer posted has a lot of good info. In the end if you do find an aftermarket one that works let me know - The wife broke one of hers recently so I need to get a replacement for it before she steals one of my Lexus ones
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