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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Do you still have the gray fob? Maybe I could use the case and transfer my black fob circuit board into it. The case on my good-working fob has broken internally where the screw threads go into the other half of the shell.
Nope...Turned right around and resold it on ebay with a BIG disclaimer on it about the color.

I'll try to remember to look at the broken 80 fob I have tonight and see what part of it is broken. Maybe you can salvage a workable fob out of the two broken ones

On the range issue - I posted this up on the MUD thread but what I have found is that the range on the LX with either the Toyota or Lexus fob is dismal but the range on the 80 with either fob is better (up to 2-3x farther) - I've read posts where some think it has to do with the positioning of the antenna in the rig but you would think it would be the same...All I know is the range on the alarm system on the LX is not near as good as it is on the 80, regardless of which remote I use.

As for the chin trick, it works - I usually try to reserve that for at night when no one is looking but I used the trick up in Grand Lake and was able to reach from the house to the LX that was at least 30' away. I was about 12' above the level of the LX at the time so maybe that had some effect.
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