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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Now I'm pissed...

my girlfriend and I went up there yesterday, had a great time exploring, found the "stage stop" which appears to be some sort of power hub or ore cart transfer assemblage from Silver Plume/Georgetown.

Our signs were in good shape in the morning when we headed up. But when we came down the high road at about 5 the poster on the big sign had been torn off, ripped into pieces, and thrown down the hill into the trees!

Now I'm fuming, don't even know what to do but go pick up the pieces and keep my mouth shut. Jacki knows how proud I am of the work we've done up there, and we had a good discussion about it as we continued on our way. I'm thinking of trying something new at some point, gotta figure out how to do it...

So the poster lasted two weeks. But really two Saturdays, a full Sunday, and part of another Sunday.
Matt, it is frustrating to have that happen, but I agree with others in being persistant with it. Soon, they'll get the message. who know's maybe we will be there waiting for them one day with Brant and Bill

I like the idea of something that makes them put out a little more effort when doing the vandolism.

Maybe we can keep the posters at the Clear Creek station, and whenever somebody goes up, grab a poster.
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