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Marlin Crawler

Local Junk yards:
Jim's Got Parts (previously Jim ran Yota Yard, but you know, divorce, whatever)
Yota Yard (still decent selection, she's just sometimes irrationally proud of her parts)

Yes, both are going to be on the high side of used parts, but like you say they are specialty yards. A pick-n-pull might be cheaper, but may or may not have what you need, when you need it. So sure, you pay for that. Shrug. Jim used to give you a few bucks credit if you take in the old stuff you pull off (like bumpers, bench seats, etc.), but I haven't tried at his new place.

Power windows? Eat another bowl of Wheaties and crank harder. If them's those crazy electric dealies, haven't seen many minis up close that had them.
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