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Originally Posted by teamextreme View Post
We finally got my son his first ride, an 89 4Runner, and being a 40 guy I need to find some new resources. I'm pretty familiar with most things 4Runner as there is a trickle down effect on these websites, but I need to get some info on parts sources and web-sources for indepth info on the 4Runner. We will slowly be striving for Red Chili greatness, but that will be a long, long time in the making. For starters I have these questions that hopefully some of you guys can shed some light on.

-What are some good tech info websites specific to the 4Runner/Pickup? I've checked IH8mud and Pirate and they have great tech write ups on Cruisers (Mud) and general 4x, axles, etc (Bill Vista, Pirate), but nothing on 4Runners.,, and right here. Pirate is pretty extreme. Plus you need eye bleach and memory wash. I have not found IH8MUD to be a very good resource. Nice folks generally, if you stay out of chat
-What are the best junk yards? I've always gone to Colo Auto & Parts off Sante Fe or Pull & Save when I needed generic stuff (obviously not Cruiser things, York compressor, PS conversion stuff, etc.). Do these places have decent selections of 4Runner/PU's. What about Toyota specific places like Jim's or Yota Yard? Anything good or bad to say about them? It seems like the "specialty" yards sometimes don't treat you right as far as price or service.
Easy one, Toyota Jim has the best prices (, and YotaYard is often convenient (though sometimes pricey) ( Oleg sometimes has stuff but usually not in your era.
-For door removal do most guys just remove the 4 bolts that hold them on, or is there a trick setup to replace the hinge with some sort of quick release pin?
I've seen it done both ways. The pin option, though seemingly convenient, is not much better than using 2 bolts into the door rather than four, and just unbolting them, and the pin usually introduces slop unless it is prezactly the right size.
-What's the fix for power windows (front and rear) that struggle to get the window back up? Power windows appear to be a common failure, but it looks like the rear is usually a relay or connector problem. We don't have this in the rear, the motor works, it just can barely push the window up from the very bottom and needs some help. Driver window same situation, except the hard part is at the very top. I'm thinking it might just need some new wear pieces in the track and/or a good cleaning. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help.
See for lots of tricks for maintenance, overhauls, "Cheap Tricks", and the like. He also sells some hard to find maintenance items like contacts for the starter and alternator, and everything he builds is first quality and affordable. Roger Brown is also the TLCA technical editor, coincidentally.

Let me know how I may help, I am always up for advice giving. Just ask my kids.

[edit] I just realized you have power windows. That introduces some entertainment around removing the doors. There are some mighty fine quick-disconnect connectors out there, but you will have to investigate.
-Bill Morgan
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