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Thanks for all the great advice. The oily dudes will leave me traumatized for the majority of the day, however. Thanks for that.

I took a trip to Jim's last night to pick up at least a power window switch to get the windows working. They had one, $25, which seemed a little steep, but I got it anyway. Then it turns out the switch I bought was bad. At least with a switch installed on the pass. side now (even a bad one) the pass. side window can at least be operated from the driver's side now. The motor has a hard time getting the window up though. I'm pretty much convinced we should just convert to manual windows. It will be interesting to see how they handle this bad switch return. Won't be able to do it til next week though.

Here's another convert the windows to manual, can I just get new internals, hand crank, etc and use the same doors, or should I just get a whole new set of complete doors? They quoted me $120 each for complete doors, btw. We do want to make some half doors, but it would be cheaper to start with a set with trashed uppers from a roll over. We could convert the existing ones though if we get another complete set of crank window doors.

As far as mod's planned, the first one is just going to be getting it fixed up and repairing all the little things that need attention, like windows, and dome light that doesn't work, and rear glass that has a difficult time going up. Then it's interior, tearing out all the carpet and side panels. Fabbing some side panels out of sheet steel and cutting in speakers and herculining the whole interior. Then some seat covers, a tool box, and a tuffy console so the top can come off. I'm going to have to disagree with the door fashionistas. No doors looks sweet on pretty much any rig, IMO. It doesn't scream ghetto, it screams I wheel my junk!

After that, it will be an SAS and some sliders. Probably have to do gearing and a locker when the SAS is done. That will kill the budget, but it's the right time to do it. Everything else can happen as time and money allows, such as cage, paint, bumpers, winch, t-case gears and/or double t-case.

I just have to remember it's the kid's truck, not mine, and he has to do the work (with my guidance) to learn some things, and come up with the money for parts. I think I get more into building this than him sometimes. It's cool to have a new canvas to work on and I've always dug mini's. That was option B when I bought my 40 years ago.

I definitely give props to Bill's truck (that's why I mentioned it in the OP). Ever since I saw the original on a Red Cone run a couple of years ago that's been our inspiration or goal for how this truck should look. It won't look nearly that pretty, ever, but I like the design. Someday I'll have to checkout Chili 2.
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