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I paid $8300 out the door. I'll pay tax later, but I live in unicorporated Arapahoe County. No dealer prep or Doc fee like Kettleston was trying to stick me with.

I almost bought the 10RT. I liked the Baja better for several reasons. The way th bed and floor meet in a step instaed of a seam, The Baja has a couch and a Dinnette. Both turn into a bed and I can lay on either without my feet or head touching the ends. I was surprised. I liked the front storage deck. The 11RT's was too big and I also liked the tool Box. After Researching it, the Baja had better clearance. I also just liked the look of it better. You can load the frig with the top down too.

The 10RT is a nice unit, like I said, I almost bought one. Congrats on your purchase.
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