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Mike let me know if you need any more mic clips.

and FWIW, I've become disappointed with where I mounted my antenna. I have the same Comet (S BB5?) dual bander that several of the other guys have, and the lip mount on the side of my hood, and I have experienced noticably worse performance than the guys running similar setups, but with the antennas on the rear hatch. While my setup is more than adequate for trails runs and hitting the local repeaters around town, it's not as good as it will be when I move the antenna from the side of the hood to the top of the rear hatch, as I've now proven with several examples some of which are:

Ex1: I couldn't hear Matt who was on the other side of Lake Tahoe, but Dave could, all due to his superiour ground plane.

Ex2: I couldn't hear Romer & Uncle Ben as well as they could hear me on I-80, when we were 30-40 miles apart.

Ex3: I couldn't hear Romer talk to Matt when he was up on I-80 near Reno and we were down closer to Hwy 50, closer to Carson City. I could hear Matt's side of the conversation, but not Ken's (but Matt was right in front of me).

so bottom line if you want better performance than CB you could probably stick the antenna anywhere, but based on my experience and what I've observed from others the "best" practical antenna location for an 80 is...,

#1 right in the center of your roof. Second best is on the top of the rear hatch, I'd rank side of the hood at 3rd, and on top of the front ARB bumper probably 4th. Back bumper is probably in contention for the 3rd or 4th slot, depending on how well grounded you are and how high it is. Rest of you 80 hammers agree/disagree?
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