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Great trip! Thanks Nathaniel for organizing and leading that huge group!

I heard that the rest of you were cooking in 100 degree temps in the city while we enjoyed cool temps and beautiful scenery on the GTR.

Wes, Ige, Matt (Subzali) and myself did a quick tour of the area on Friday before the official run on Saturday/Sunday. We ran over Hancock Pass, through Pitkin, Up Waunita Pass, over Black Sage Pass, then over Tomichi Pass where we camped out. A few pics of Day one:

Matt, Wes and Ige heading up Hancock the first time (we ran it 3 times this weekend!)

I brought the lowrider FJ60 on this run

A little rain to keep the dust down in the valley near Waunita Hot Springs and Black Sage Pass.

Wes was the first to open Tomichi Pass for the season. We had to shovel this drift and few others to get my lard butt open 60 through.

Matt and Ige getting near the top of Tomichi

This is part of the shelf road coming down Tomichi. We had to do some snow drift shoveling and leveling of the road. We earned our beers that night.

Matt shoveling and Ige Saluting

Ige's 80 past the last drift.

Setting up camp the first night. I was able to use my new RTT again.

Day 2. The views from the top of Hancock Pass are awesome!

Some mining ruins

The crazy shelf road going up to the Alpine tunnel

Day 3. Cruisin' home


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