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Default Many thanks to all...

...I really appreciate the nomination and vote to join this crew. I had a wonderful time on GTR 08, and enjoyed getting to drive the great RedChili a bit on Sunday. Too bad it was at the expense of Bill's health, and I'm sad that he fell so ill, so quickly. Get well soon mate!

CHEERS!!! to Nathaniel for organizing and leading such a wonderful event. I don't think it has been mentioned, but he went way and above merely leading a run, as he had prepared and handed out copies of a very insightful and knowledgeable write up of the area, repleat with history of the roads, mines, ghost towns and old rail line lore of the run. EXCELLENT JOB Nathaniel.

As a newly licensed HAM, thanks to the RS "wives class" this past winter, and having been in the RedChili for two days with both a truck mtd CB and a fine HAM 2M rig mounted, I would HIGHLY recommend that if you haven't already done so, invest the very small amount of time needed to study for, and pass the FCC examination to get an Amateur License. It was a night and day difference in comm. quality, clarity and range.

While the CB chatter was enjoyable banter, they were pressed to be clearly heard from the front to the rear of a 22 truck convoy. Meanwhile the HAM's were connecting up at times between SouthPark, CO and the group in basecamp near Pitkin via the Leadville repeater.

We very easily reached the group that was descending Hancock Pass from West to East as we were arriving in Buena Vista. This was great for synchronizing a meet of the two groups at St. Elmo.

Saturday evenings pot luck dinner was a site to behold with all of the grills and dutch ovens that made an appearance. The cobblers (three different flavors!) were a wonderful end to a very good meal and excellent company.

Many thanks again to all, Rising Sun, and the members and guests that made this run such a wonderful time.

David D. Bosley

Call Sign: KD0DHK COHVCO: #4409 AMA #222838

1997 White Toyota Tacoma (aka TruckWagon)
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2003 Silver Triumph Tiger 955 (RIP)

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