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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
Doesn't that kinda go out the window with vanity signs? I have a bad habit of using a o for a but I thought I did pretty well this weekend even though we were on simplex.
Negative, ghost rider. A is a is a . Mostly I heard folks trying to remember callsigns and saying "oh" instead of zero. It is just good operating practice to say "Zero". Vanity calls follow the same protocol as FCC computer issued calls.
The ITU designates some countries callsign prefixes with an "O" before the number. If you are a club callsign in Cuba, your call begins with CO... The point being that you will not hear an amateur station saying "this is Charlie oh oh".

Originally Posted by Convert View Post
So is it acceptable to use the last three letters in a call sign ?

Like this :
Dan- KC0ZBI.....K0VRT
Ben- go... Dan
Dan- blah... blah...blah
Ben- blah... blah... blah
Dan - K0VRT.. for id
Ben KC0ZBI.. for id
Silence for a few minutes
Dan - ZBI... left at the stop sign ?
Good example, except for the -ZBI. Just use the persons first name if you know it. It all applies the same for any radio station/tv station. Listen to your favorit radio station. You will hear their call letters every 10 minutes, or just before. It is amazing that something we really didn't pay any attention to has been there all along.

In our case, we need to pay more attention to how long we are transmitting between giving our full call. There is really no need to be as frequent as we were. I do it to help get others in practice. When we all remember to do this, ten minutes (or when you are done in the conversation) seems like a long time. So long in fact that when you get good you wonder how long its been since you last gave your callsign. Up untill the 10 minute timeframe, comms on 2M can seem very similar to CB, with first names used if we all know each other. If someone breaks in, they should break in by giving their callsign and when aknowledged can follow everyone elses lead.

Contest stations loathe stations calling who say "ZBI". Because it adds another transmission to what may already be a fast contest pace. Then the station calling QRZ will have to interject and say "the ZBI station what is your call?" instead of saying "KCZBI you're 5-9 from Cuba".

This leads into the next piece of good practice which is handing off the conversation to the next operator. This mainly helps prevent doubling up. It is also helpful just to give that extra second between transmissions to allow for breaks. Most of us on the repeaters have heard the "Check for double..." followed by the operator unkeying to make sure that someone else didn't key up. It is helpful so that time is not lost listening to the squeal of two stations transmitting at once.
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