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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Negative, ghost rider. A is a is a . Mostly I heard folks trying to remember callsigns and saying "oh" instead of zero. It is just good operating practice to say "Zero". Vanity calls follow the same protocol as FCC computer issued calls.
The ITU designates some countries callsign prefixes with an "O" before the number. If you are a club callsign in Cuba, your call begins with CO... The point being that you will not hear an amateur station saying "this is Charlie oh oh".
no. I know a zero is a zero. What I mean is... if I live in colorado which is and I want a vanity I could be K4FDE even though it's not part of the state which I live in that is designated. Does the FCC allow that or not? All i'm saying is that you can't necessarily tell where people are from with a vanity.
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