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Im with RockDog and SteveH when it comes to the club, in the begining of the threads i had sent Nathaniel an email asking about the run and the club. I have been wheeling a long time with many different people and clubs. I moved here about a year ago and I have been searching for a GOOD bunch of people to go out with. On the 4th of July i went out with a club and wont mention who but i had asked the same questions about the run as i always do. well lets just say it went down hill from there. He said i shold be fine and can do the run with them. Yes the FJ could do the run be i guess he did not read the whole email or have the time to answer my questions. the person leading the trip did not really care much of who was on the run and the club was not very personable. I just got the FJ then and now it has plenty of Colorado pin striping on it that i did not really want to do. Maybe when it was a little more broken in. He took us on a road called the 505 which was about as wide as the FJ and tons of branches sticking out for a few miles. Maybe in my Jeep when it is done but not the new ride. Nathaniel was very informative and knowledgeable of the trail and the area we were in. And everyone was watching there back and making sure others did not need anything. The 4th run they all just left and never said anything. This was a fun run and the folks in Rising Sun were great. Just a great weekend. Cant wait till the next event. Thanks again and sorry for the long thread. See everyone on the trails.

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