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Default 80 series simple Brake Mod

I am probably behind the power curve here, but I just did the 5 minute modification to adjust the LSPV valve that adjusts the brake pressure between the front and rear brakes. When you lift the truck you throw it off kilter and basically are only using the front brakes. I lowered mine 1/4 of an inch and can now feel better braking performance. I had gone 50K miles and not even wore the rear pads.

It's so simple. Mark the LSPV and the frame. Place a mark about 1/4" below the mark, loosen the two bolts and lower it to the mark and tighten the bolts. That's it. You 4" lift guys may need to go a little bit more.

writeup and picture courtesy of this thread . This picture is with the rear drivers tire off. I marked the other side and did it with the tire on.

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