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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I did this less analytically. For mini trucks, there is a LSPV bracket that outfitters sell or give you with lift kits. Mine came from NWOR, but Roger Brown, Downey and maybe others have them. Or you can make one yourself with a piece of stock and a drill. It raises the mount on the axle to match the amount of lift. I had to adjust mine slightly more, even with the WilderNest my back brakes weren't doing much work until I really piled in the cargo. I messed with it one time camping by driving down a nice dirt road and slamming on the brakes, then adjusting the LSPV just above the point where the back brakes would lock in a panic stop. It's pretty easy to tell if you have the adjustment wrong. If you see the headlights of the people behind you coming down Georgetown hill after a day at Loveland, you have too much rear bias. :-)

If one raises the arm at the diff on an 80, it will interefere with the UCA.

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