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This is one adjustment I didn't do myself. About 4 years ago I had some booster issues, actually needed a new one. So I just drove to Sleeoffroad and said "make it stop." did all the work, I ended up getting a new booster, new DBA rotors, pads, lspv adjustment, who knows what else but I helped keep the lights on down there for a good month or so. Last time I rotated my tires I checked all the pads and they're wearing pretty even, the back ones are actually down a little further than the front ones, but all seems good.

But I can't get my tires to lock up on dirt, unless I literally stand on the pedal. And there's no way they'd ever lock up on pavement. Thinking this isn't good enough, and after Martin & I bled everything just before Moab with no change, I took it to CTS to have it "power bled" and saw very little change. What's interesting is I can still control the truck while on obstacles, big drops such as wipeout hill, Million Dollar drop, or see the Rubithon video of me dropping into Big Sluice- but it's about all I got to give it that much pedal pressure. I'm told you just can't stop 6500 pounds on a dime.. one of the reasons I'm starting to like the mini trucks a little more. It feels like I have cantilever brakes, while most you guys have V-brakes and guys like Red Chili are running disks.
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