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Now the real savior, James' welds. Still looking good. The weld itself was done in about half a dozen or 10 passes. He'd run a bead, tap all over with his hammer, grind, repeat. He'd alternate top, bottom, front, rear. Grinding the welds down and working the rod into more and more good spring each time. The whole welded and heated section ended up being about 4 inches long and the new material would look like an 'I', very thin where he ground the spring steel back from the crack itself and he tapered the cracked area in a 'X' sorta shape with a lot of new material at the top and bottom sides. Does that make sense? He used a pretty high nickel rod, but I'm not sure exactly what Marlin had. I want to say maybe #710, that sticks in my head, but I also remember Marlin wishing he had even higher nickel rod. We threw the springs in the dirt and let them sit for about half an hour, 45 minutes I guess, letting them cool.

Top side
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