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Question Rubithon Trail Fixes

Seeing DaveInDenver's Marlin fixed springs reminded me of some things that I learned while on the Rubicon. I was wheeling with James Bingham the past several days on the western slope side of Hagerman Pass where he picked up a railroad track spike in one his tires. Imagine the odds of a possibly 100 year old spike lodging in a tire! Anyway, while sitting around the campfire, I remembered that two valve stems were broken on the 'con and that having a spare valve stem saved both victims some possible tire shortage grief. Easily swapped out with a Hilift jack and the valve stem pulling tool and you are back on the trail with a full complement of tires. Very easy and cool. There was another fix that I can't remember other than being simple and one of those forehead slapping things that no one else had heard or thought of either. Anyone remember what it was??
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