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Originally Posted by Rock Dog View Post
Chris sure thought it was a trail fix when they used the makeshift tap to cleanup the threads of his steering knuckle so they could be torqued down
THAT"S IT!!! Now I clearly remember that making a tap in the field was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time. The ARB air line splice is a great part to have along with you but being able to take a standard bolt and turn it into a tap was something I had never heard of doing as I am not a machinist type person. Mark Algazy took a standard bolt and with the narrow side of a flat file cut two grooves parallel to the length of the bolt about four or five threads long from the bottom of the bolt. It worked just like a purpose built tap to clean out the holes in Chris's 40 knuckles on Hatfield Hill. The reason it was so really cool was the fact that the old 40 uses 11mm stud bolts and finding an 11mm tap in camp was impossible. Great trail fix and thanks for remembering it Neil!!
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