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Marlin's response:

Originally Posted by Marlin
Dave, thanks for the kind words....

I have lent a hand to many broken rigs through the years, but it is always great to get a thank you in return.
Glad you made it home in one piece.

Just a side note
James Atteberry AKA craftsman, is a commercial door contractor, a great welder, fabricator as well as a close friend.
Like me, he enjoys helping others on the trail, and at times will go out of his way to make the finished job look great. I have watched him finish grinding the welds on a frame repair, just to make sure there were no slag pockets. I was concerned that he had gone too far when he ground the welds completely flat on your leaf spring, and thus making it thinner and weaker then stock. But as time would show, the Premier Power welds were up to the test.

I love 7018 welding rod!

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