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Another Rubicon-approved product. Running a Sonoran Steel IFS truss, which connects the rear two lower control arm mounts. From the factory Toyota has one in the front and the front diff hangs on it. The back ones are just heavily gussted, but still hanging in space. There are various ways to reinforce it, but it was a bit harder to remove the bolts this time (I take it off to change the oil) and took a little encouragement to get all the bolts in. Used to be that the bolts fit right into the holes and now the are tight to the outsides of the holes and I had to use a tapered punch to get one side pulled over. I'm very sure that without it I would have tweaked my frame... As an aside, I used 5/16" Gr.8 bolts instead of 3/8" that I thought about. None of them showed any sign of deflection, plenty strong.

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