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Default Ball Joint Spacers

Talking to Red_Chili the other day he mentioned he was going with ball joint spacers. These are 1.5" blocks that fit between the upper control arm and the upper ball joint, which lift the front end without needed to crank the torsion bars up. Since the bars remain at stock or even relaxed from stock, the ride is the same as stock, just 1.5" higher. Seldom Scene is not a fan, so I thought about it and maybe that the arms are not parallel anymore is a problem. But the ball joints still remain within their range of motion (assuming you DO NOT run low profile upper bump stops) and I didn't break a BJ on Rubicon, so I suppose they are OK.

Anyway, wanted to show Bill a photo of the cuts to the upper arms you have to make. I got a second set of upper arms and did the cuts on the floor with a die grinder. Gave me a chance to paint them and make nice, clean cuts that follow the spacer and ball joint and removed a minimal amount of material. A first hack with a few trials and trims.
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