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Default Bad news. I just had a major engine failure of some kind

I was all loaded up with the family and the pop-up Friday on the way to a 5 day camp trip. My Mom was already waiting for us in a campground near Westcliff. Coming into Colo. Springs something let loose in the engine. It sounded like something was hitting the fan blade or something when I stepped on the gas. I pulled over near a gas station promtly. I could see an occasional puff of smoke coming from the front top passenger side of the engine which was also the area of the bad sound. The engine oil level was fine, although I could see some past oil seepage coming from the oil filler cap. Belts and pulleys and everything else visible looked fine and tight so I'm not sure what it is. I called Oleg and he helped me troubleshoot a few things and heard the sound over the phone and agreed it's a major problem.

I upgraded our AAA membership over the phone for 100.00 and had it towed to Oleg's shop (100 miles of towing for free). I had my Springs friend Dan pick the popup and us up. We spent the night at my brothers house also in the Springs. I was able to contact my Mom via cell ph. at the campground. They packed up their 36' RV and met us in the Springs. We were able to have them my take us and the popup back home Saturday. Their large moterhome with the popup in tow was an interesting sight.

So I felt fortunate we were able to get the Runner to Oleg's and all of us and the popup home safely. I hate to think the problems I would have had to deal with if this would have happened in a remote area on the western slope, which is where we were heading after Westcliff. Or on top of Red Cone or something.

Oleg will have to tear into it Monday to see what's going on. I just don't get it. I maintain my Runner real well and had Oleg change the timing belt and water pump at 90k.
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