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FWIW, I have tried numerous combinations of stock vs OME torsions and levels of lift with the BJ spacers.

For street, its what is comfortable.

For wheeling, the only way I recommend is cranked back to stock. IE: NO LIFT dialed in.

For the moderate to difficult wheeling I do (obviously not hardcore stuff), the steering cannot take the angles the Ball joint spacers place on the steering components.

With 1.5" of lift, and 33's, I would break either an idler arm, or a TRE on almost every trip. With no lift, same tires, I have gone a year without breakage. I also have a brace on the idler arm. This slowed the breakage, but did not eliminate it. Your drive home becomes "fun" when your idler arm is bent so badly that it hits the frame hard enough to gouge it.

No lift gives you a smoother ride as well. The only con is loss of ground clearance. To me, making it home after the trail is more important than making it over an obstacle that the extra 1.5" would have gotten me over.

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