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Just scrolling through the thread again, I mentioned it the first post but wanted to make sure to specifically mention that you need to make sure with BJ spacers that you don't bind your CV axles on droop. The spacers allow the wheels to droop 1.5" more than before. So if you have low profile upper bump stops, you absolutely have to shim them out. I had the sorta low profile Energy Suspension #9102, which are about 3/4" thick. I found that I needed to shim them with about half a dozen washers to keep from feeling the CV start to bind. Mind you this was by hand turning the hub with the truck on jack stands and the wheel off, under load with another 60 lbs of unsprung weight, the stops would have compressed more and surely would have put the CV beyond their limit. So I went back to stock upper bumpers, which are quite a bit taller and less harsh on bottom out anyway.
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